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Case: Exaptive and ACP.


Exaptive is working with the Accelerated Cure Project to help cure Multiple Sclerosis by integrating and analyzing the data contained in ACP’s ever growing repository of research studies.  The data from these distinct and independently operated studies came to ACP without a coordinated schema of any kind.



With Exaptive, ACP is aligning data from disparate sources, cross-referencing it with existing research, and analyzing results using interactive data visualization techniques from inside and outside the medical field, all in real-time. With Exaptive, ACP and its partners will know what to ask next and where to find answers that lead to a cure.

Ten years ago, ACP changed the way the cure for Multiple Sclerosis will be found by lowering barriers to innovation and collaboration in biomedical research.  Now, with the results of 20 studies in hand and over 60 more ongoing, we know that below the surface of the data lie layers upon layers of undiscovered insight.  With Exaptive, ACP and the MS research community will have intuitive tools to unlock the power of the full dataset—to see it from multiple vantage points as not just a collection of studies but cohesive results capable of unlocking the next breakthroughs to a cure.”

- Robert McBurney, Ph.D., CEO of the Accelerated Cure Project



Exaptation is the biological phenomenon by which traits originally adapted for one purpose are co-opted for a different purpose, often with great evolutionary implications.  Feathers, for example, thought of as a tool for flight, originally evolved because they trapped heat.  Exaptive, Inc. was founded on the belief that this phenomenon applies equally to human insight and innovation, such as Gutenberg inventing the printing press after seeing a wine press at work in a vineyard.  By creating a software environment in which such conceptual boundary-crossing is possible through the repurposing of data, algorithms, and visualizations, we envision a cross-disciplinary playground with unmatched potential for discovery, creativity, and innovation.

Albert Einstein, a notorious daydreamer, wrote,

“Combinatory play seems to be the essential feature in productive thought.”

On the Exaptive platform, developers, designers and analysts of all kinds, and ultimately the global cognitive surplus of over a billion internet users, will be able to explore, test, and implement their daydreams.  Can visualizations for understanding motifs in Chopin and Mozart be applied to gene sequences?  Can social network diagrams be used to illuminate other kinds of “relationships”?  Can new geoinformatics techniques for mapping our earth unlock new techniques to map human history?  How about vice-versa?  Exaptive plans to find out.  Wouldn’t you like to find out too?


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