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We combine the latest in network science, data science, and AI to help you understand how everything is related and find new insights hidden in those relationships.

Find the non-obvious connections that drive innovation

Being able to see both the big picture and the hidden connections allows you to have the biggest impact. Our products combine the latest in network science, data science, and AI to help you bridge silos, facilitate teams, reimagine products, optimize portfolios, and drive innovation. Knowledge brokers do these things every day, but with an Exaptive Cognitive City they can do these things more easily, with more consistent results, at scale. Try it out yourself for free or get in touch for us to give you a demo.


The Exaptive Studio

Create a simple, explorable, data-driven model of your problem.

The Cognitive City®

Find hidden connection opportunities and facilitate conversation.

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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Surfacing non-obvious connections to increase reuse and reduce duplicative work.
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Climate KIC
Ecosystem wide transparency, operational restructuring, and sensical decision making.
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Reproducing team dynamics in a network based virtual environment.
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