Case Study / Climate-KIC

Ecosystem wide transparency, operational restructuring and sensical decision making.
"Being able to visualize the people, projects and how they are all connected is critical for us. That's because we need interdisciplinary scientists and stakeholders to solve the highly complex challenges associated with climate change."

- Michelle Zucker, Director - Community Activation

EU Climate KIC has an unparalleled vision for how Europe fights climate change and they will bend, and wait, for no one.

When they came to Exaptive they described their challenges and showed us their strategy to achieve their vision.

  • Create radical transparency for enabling cultural change
  • Install a holacracy internal to the organization to maximize progress with intrinsically motivated staff, and
  • Implement their sensemaking process to help facilitate innovation and support decision making.

Climate KIC immediately stopped spending time on in-house solutions for creating radical transparency and used Exaptive software as an out-of-the-box solution for mapping their network of goals, objectives, projects, and funding allocation.

They created a holacracy internally by combining their existing knowledge, skills, abilities, roles, and availability with information about how people wanted to grow as individuals. Exaptive software helped them rapidly decide on the factors most important to their operations and understand how to choose the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for actual implementation.

The successful implementation of their sensemaking initiative has become a selling point for new organizations and stakeholders to become part of the Climate KIC initiative. Exaptive’s software supports their process with out-of-the-box functionality that saves them time and money they now spend facilitating the sensemaking process with more stakeholders.

Climate KIC has saved time, money, and energy with Exaptive software and as a result they are closer to their vision with a more transparent ecosystem that has more people involved in the right ways.