The Exaptive Studio

Leverage the power of data science even if you're not a data scientist. Convert your mental model to a graph-based data model which can be visualized, analyzed, and shared. Achieve insights that just aren't possible with spreadsheet and table-based tools.

The Exaptive Studio is software to help individuals and teams figure out what’s what, who’s who, and how they’re connected. It enables complex problems to be broken down and explored in a simple network-based format.

Who is it for?

Teams of 1-4 people who need to efficiently answer complex questions about their network.

What makes it different?

  • Go from model to visualization with tools that work together seamlessly.
  • Unique search capabilities allow you to configure specific relationships in your data.
  • Figure out if and how machine intelligence can augment your knowledge rather than force you to adopt it in every situation.
  • An expert led training for one hour every day with no scheduling required.

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