Case Study / IDDO

Increasing access to clinical study data with out-of-the-box metadata management capabilities.

The Infectious Disease Data Observatory, IDDO, has world class expertise in facilitating access to clinical and study data for reuse in new research. They are adept at cultivating the relationships with researchers and institutions necessary to be entrusted with the data, and harmonizing metadata into a controlled vocabulary.

When IDDO came to us we found that our software could increase their impact by making the data more accessible and findable with better precision in the results. Exaptives graph technology and cloud based platform could work out-of-the-box to better use the metadata IDDO had invested heavily in creating.

This resulted in more people being able to reuse existing data, IDDO saving time and energy creating a platform on their own, and time and energy saved by IDDO and the researchers processing well-intentioned access requests for data that couldn’t answer the researcher’s questions.