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An Algorithm to Improve Outcomes for Students and Universities

March 28, 2019 - We had a great turnout for the March Data+Creativity meetup at the new Exaptive office located in the Oklahoma City Innovation District. Dr. Jacob Dearmon of Oklahoma City University spoke about how he worked alongside the University of Oklahoma's team of retention experts to develop an algorithm targeted at improving retention by identifying at-risk students and generating individualized scholarship amounts using a novel business objective based on the twin metrics of retention and financial sustainability.

Data+Creativity Meetup - March 2019

Dr. Dearmon discussed the data science behind this scholarship allocation effort. It led to a lively round of discussion and Q&A afterward, and many analogous uses for algorithms that focus on translating business objectives into other areas of resource management. Watch the archive of the meetup here.

Join us for the next Data+Creativity meetup. We’ll watch a short documentary, Hackathon, filmed locally in Oklahoma City at Exaptive’s former office. We’ll also open up the Cognitive City platform to Data+Creativity members, to see what hackathons our community is interested in collaborating on and what other opportunities for innovation will be generated by connecting big thinkers.