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Climate Innovation Summit 2018: Mission Finance

November 6-8, 2018 - The Climate Innovation Summit in Dublin, Ireland was held this month. The huge event was orchestrated by EIT Climate-KIC. EIT Climate-KIC is a pan-European public-private partnership supported by the EIT (European Institute for Innovation and Technology).

(left to right) Michelle Zucker, Austin Schwinn, Shannan Callies

EIT Climate-KIC is a network of communities working together on projects, innovating to solve for the challenges presented by climate change mitigation and adaptation. Being able to visualize their network and all the work being poured into climate change innovation is critical for creating impact and driving change. This need led Director of Community Management, Michelle Zucker, to the Cognitive City platform.

Exaptive Director of Business Development, Shannan Callies, and data scientist Austin Schwinn joined Michelle in Dublin for the Climate Innovation Summit.