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Exaptive, EU Discuss How to Be Awesome at  Innovation

Exaptive recently joined lawmakers and technologists at European Union Parliament to discuss how technology, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI), can help the EU prosper just as much as the U.S. and China. The EU has led the way on protecting individual rights in relation to technology, the General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) being the most famous example. But the EU wants to be known for technological innovation as well.

Panelists at the AI & Big Data for Innovation Summit discussed how to balance the risks of AI with a need to support innovation. Dave King, Exaptive's CEO, sees the EU as being in a great position. "The EU has a history of working collaboratively, which is a requirement for impactful innovations. It has codified and funded that approach in its official innovation initiatives. That's an advantage over Silicon Valley, where the forces of venture capital and business necessity control where resources go and whether there's collaboration."


GDPR, instead of hinderance, is actually an important platform for innovation management. "The EU has begun to define how data can be shared safely and reliably. GDPR is more than a protection. It provides foundational definitions for digital literacy and the value of data. Acceleration without regulation can be foolhardy," remarked Dave in response to concerns that GDPR would slow the EU down. "The EU is uniquely positioned to build a scalable model for innovation."

Exaptive was invited to the conference to present jointly with EU Climate-KIC, one of eight EU innovation initiatives (a.k.a. KICs). Exaptive and EU Climate-KIC presented on how Exaptive innovation management software is helping organize internal and external stakeholders and researchers to form innovative teams and fund innovative projects.

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