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Sep 4, 2018 5:37:47 PM
Exaptive tours FAA labs in Oklahoma City

September 4, 2018 - Did you ever have to try walking while wearing the "drunk goggles" in school? It's a memory that some of our Exaptive team members were reminded of this morning.

Claire Robison, Shannan Callies, and Dave King toured a few labs in the Federal Aviation Administration offices in Oklahoma City today. They each tried the pair of training goggles that simulate being in a spinning aircraft. Afterward, Claire noted all three team members veered to the left when trying to walk a straight line while wearing the goggles.

The team even heard about some exaptations that have affected pilots, like training designed for ice skaters that helps pilots prevent uncontrolled spins.

Don't drink and fly, kids.

Exaptive CEO Dave King listens at an FAA lab in Oklahoma City