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Lightning Talks: Great Ideas from D+C Members

August 22, 2019 - It was a dark and stormy night when Data+Creativity held its first ever round of Lightning Talks. We always hear great ideas in the discussions following a guest speaker’s presentation at the meetups, and it was exciting to have lightning outside punctuating the great ideas from Lightning Talks inside.

Data+Creativity members give Lightning Talk presentations


  1. Meghan Bradley walked us through an idea for how community-sourced data could map resources for natural dye practitioners.
  2. Taylor Doe offered analog and digital ways of expanding our human networks.
  3. Elizabeth Wissler explained the complex problem of what it means to make voting fair.
  4. Jack Kinsey had some sage advice on game development: “Prototype. Feedback. Repeat.”
  5. Devon Mobley talked about digital products in healthcare, how the patient story is getting lost in healthcare technology data entry, and and how we have the right experts in OKC to solve some major inefficiencies.
  6. Maurice Haff presented the eye-opening problem of treating large wounds and how a solution developed in Oklahoma would prevent infection while wounds are healing. (Maurice wasn’t even phased by the brief, storm-induced power outage that tried to interfere with his presentation!)
Data+Creativity members give Lightning Talk presentations


It was a pleasure to share the mic with so many in our community! If you want to be a speaker, submit your pitch here. If you want to recommend a speaker, email Jill.

Make sure to join us for the next Data+Creativity Meetup on September 26, 2019, at 6pm. Erika Block, the CEO of Saganworks, will join us to talk about how walking paths inspired her to design digital memory to work more like human memory.

Data+Creativity Meetup, August 22, 2019

Photos by Jeff Jackson