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Sensor Syposium connects researchers, subject matter experts, enterprises

The opportunities were abundant for connecting research to enterprises. The Oklahoma City Innovation District hosted the first ever Sensors Symposium in the state on June 11, 2018. The event brought experts on sensor technology from private, non-profit, and military sectors.

Exaptive CEO Dave King emcees the Sensors Symposium in Oklahoma City

Speakers at the symposium were given seven minutes each to present what they’ve learned about sensors in four general categories: longevity, optimization, intervention, and remote sensing. Each panel was followed by a five-minute Q&A session with attendees.

During the question session after the intervention panel, one attendee asked whether the heart sensor technology discussed could be used on tumors to track their growth. Another attendee -- who claimed to have a background in engineering, physics, and medicine -- provided an affirmative answer. During the remote sensing panel, one presenter spoke about ground-breaking discoveries in mid-infrared photonic technologies and left an open invitation for business partnerships.

Melchor J. Antuñano, MD, MS, demonstrates a cap that senses head trauma

Melchor J. Antuñano, MD, MS, Director of the U.S. FAA Civil Aerospace Medical Institute demonstrates a sensor cap that can be worn underneath a helmet and provide feedback when there have been blows to the head that require medical attention.

Exaptive CEO Dave King emceed the event. Dave also serves on the OKCid steering committee. Dave says, “It has been an honor to be involved in the Innovation District events and to see the momentum gathering around OKCid. The energy of each symposium has been fantastic - combining innovative local leaders, industry, and academia in one place where they can share their experience and exchange ideas. And this symposium even generated a few new ideas in the process!”

Previous symposiums in the series were about Imaging and Big Data. The next symposium is currently in the planning stages. People who are interested in participating should contact