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Exaptive believes in NPR


Exaptive supports the NPR mission to create a more informed public. We find the sharing of tools, techniques, or methods across disciplines is a specific formula for innovation called exaptation.

The Cognitive City innovation platform is a way to connect mission-focused communities with many kinds of stakeholders. When researchers, clinicians, policy makers, and citizens need to collaborate around shared data, the Cognitive City provides a virtual space and the data analysis tools needed to create impact.

Exaptive Cities

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Cities are where innovation happens. When you concentrate people and resources so they can intermingle you stack the odds in favor of innovation.

So Exaptive builds virtual ‘cities,’ where community and data come together to spark new ideas. There are three parts to the Exaptive City platform:exaptive cities

Make it your City. Form a City with your research community, company, or team. Use it internally. Embed a City in your website. Demo it at a conference, when your community is primed for impactful collaboration.

What would your network look like?

Use the City Planner to get your Visual City started.

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