Tools to Make Confident Decisions

Create a complete picture of your portfolio by connecting the pieces you care about, from the strategy and stakeholders to the implementation and impact. Perform rapid analysis and model multiple scenarios. Understand the trade-offs and make informed decisions to make the most of your resources.

Products for Connecting Your Entire Portfolio

The Exaptive Studio

Create a simple, explorable, data-driven model of your problem.

The Cognitive City®

Find hidden conection opportunities and facilitate conversation.

Case Studies in Innovation Management

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
"[The Exaptive Studio] makes one connection to this unexpected thing... and that stimulates me to think of five other things that then I can go purposely explore."

Steve Kern, Deputy Director - Quantitative Sciences
Climate KIC
"Being able to visualize the people, projects and how they are all connected is critical for us. That's because we need interdisciplinary scientists and stakeholders to solve the highly complex challenges associated with climate change."

Michelle Zucker, Director - Community Activation

Features and Capabilities

Exaptive Studio

Make Your Data Actionable

Create a model for your portfolio of investments, projects, or whatever you're managing (left) with no code tools and then import your data from spreadsheets (center) or enter it directly. Visualize the connections in your portfolio immediately with the exploratory network viewer (right) or as connected tables.

  • Model the decision making factors within your portfolio
  • Import data from spreadsheets
  • Combine data from multiple sources
  • Easily capture and add new data
Visualize Your Portfolio

Visualize the connections across your portfolio (left) that you can use as props to lead conversations about trade-off decisions (center). Exaptive's tested methods show that using shared visuals as conversation props can help align stakeholders and lead to novel insights (right).

  • See how your strategy is being implemented
  • View how the pieces fit together
  • Use visuals in combination with Exaptive's tested facilitation methods
Analyze and Augment

Amplify your own intelligence with powerful algorithms and tools, don't replace human intuition. Unlock the power of descriptions and summaries by instantly extracting keywords and concepts hidden in your data (left). Use extracted concepts and terms to augment your understanding and create permanent connections (right).

  • Illuminate hidden insights with machine learning
  • Uncover gaps and overlaps
  • Model and iterate rapidly through multiple scenarios

Exaptive Cognitive City

Engage Stakeholders

Brand the Cognitive City as your own and convey strategy and goals from the first login (left). Create custom forms for people to add data missing from your portfolio. (center). Instill stakeholder ownership by making it easy to share, update, and control their information at any time (right).

  • Make your strategy and objective clear
  • Synthesize collective intelligence
  • Normalize collaborative behaviors
Allocate Resources Effectively

Use your newly connected portfolio to create custom search tools (left) to help people find relevant knowledge and capabilities and potential people and projects to collaborate with. Built in collaboration tools help people see how they overlap and safely reach out to collaborate (center). The matchmaker helps you model resource allocation scenarios for solving specific problems (right).

  • Map your resources, expertise, and capabilities
  • Find and capitalize on emerging opportunities
  • Uncover and understand risk
  • Model and optimize resource allocation
Monitor and Make Decisions

As you implement your strategy and collect outcome information, the knowledge captured in the portfolio network can be analyzed for specific patterns (left) to understand which activities are producing impact and how. Patterns of engagement, like people sharing insights they found from connecting different presentations they observed (right), can be easily identified and used to improve and adjust your efforts.

  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Propagate transformative behaviors
  • Investigate patterns and how they reach impact
  • Adjust as fast as you learn